Handikhola Village-Small Beautiful Village of Manahari

Handikhola Village-Small Beautiful Village of Manahari

View from Sannitar of Handikhola Village


Handikhola village is a small village situated in the Bank of Rapti river and surrounded by many other small rivers(Khola).

Handikhola lies in the Manahari ruler municipality. The main occupation of this village is Agriculture. Mostly everyone in this village has their own land and the farm in that particular land. Mix community people live here.


Agriculture is one of the major income sources of Handikhola village. People mainly grow Vegetables, all kinds of vegetables and sell in the local Hetauda market. The poultry farm is also spread business here.

Handikhola Village-Small Beautiful Village of Manahari Handikhola Village-Small Beautiful Village of Manahari


Handikhola village has a couple of Government schools so that children don’t have to go to other places for primary education.

Handikhola Village-Small Beautiful Village of Manahari

School in Background

Temples & School

Health Facility

Handikhola village has its own Health Post where you can get First Aid with a little bit of Medical treatment. The birthing facility is available here. one Ambulance is also 24/7 on duty.

Handikhola Village-Small Beautiful Village of Manahari

Hadikhola Health Post


Handikhola village Doesn’t have any good means of transportation service. You have to go to Sannanitar to get a bus or other vehicles for different places. One of the major causes is the Bridge.

Due to this people have to suffer a lot. To enter this village first you have to come to Sannanitar, which lies on the east-west highway. From Sannitar you can enter this village by crossing the Rapti river. For Crossing River you have two options one is Air suspension Bridge(jhulunge Pool) and the other is Wooden Bridge(Kathe pool).

The wooden Bridge is Temporary, In rainy season locals remove that Wooden Bridge. If they don’t do that water will be washed away. The effect hits to local people and they have to rely on that Suspension bridge. Although a Suspension bridge is safe for peoples walking by feet, for Two-wheelers it is Nightmare. One end of this bridge is so the danger to climb or to come down.

Places to watch in Handikhola Village

Places to visit in Nepal

The air suspension bridge is one of the main attractions of Handikhola village. Although there is much scenic beauty to watch where like the beautiful Rapti river, Small small hills, small rivers(Khola), Good climate to Stay, and many more.

Hadhikhola Village-Small Beautiful Village of Manahari Ruler Muncipality

In Rainly Season The Wooden Bridge

Air suspension bridge


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