Is Driving Safe in Nepal-Can foreigners drive in Nepal?

Is it safe to drive in Nepal?

Is Driving Safe in Nepal-Can foreigners drive in Nepal?

Sudden Brake Result

With numerous vehicles traveling on the Nepal roads lately, as a driver you’ve got to be extra careful while drive in Nepal. you’ll not make any mistakes and you’ll follow all the road rules but you continue to got to take care because you never know what the opposite road users might do. Here are a couple of recommendations on staying safe on the road.

Can foreigners drive in Nepal?

Is Driving Safe in Nepal-Can foreigners drive in Nepal?

An International driving permit is valid in Nepal for 15 days, then the period Nepali driver license is required. a short-lived Nepali driver license is out there on presentation of a legitimate national driver’s license. Foreign drivers who don’t have International driving permits got to obtain Nepal driver licenses.

Is Driving Safe in Nepal-Can foreigners drive in Nepal?

What side of the road do they drive in Nepal? The answer is left-hand side Driving Country, Afterward while driving in Nepal Check your mirrors. Your car is provided with a rearview mirror and side mirrors. Whenever you create any move, whether it’s turning left or right, or changing lanes, make certain to see your mirrors. the opposite drivers won’t see you which could lead on to an altercation.

And also while driving in Nepal Be aware of other Nepalese drivers. you’ll be doing everything right but it just takes one person to try to something unexpected. the opposite driver might be distracted by a passenger, a child, the radio, a telephone, or any number of things. this might affect that person’s concentration and that they could jump a red light or turn unexpectedly. At that moment you’ll be in their way and a collision could occur. If you’re conscious of the action of other drivers you’ll predict their next move and avoid an accident.

Use your indicators. Whenever you switch or change lanes, use the left or right indicator timeously to point out other drivers what your intention is. this might potentially avoid a collision.

Brake timeously. once you see the red light or stop sign, give yourself ample distance to prevent. Don’t wait until you’re a couple of meters from the stop sign before you begin to use the brakes. This sudden stop action could confuse drivers behind you and that they could encounter your car’s buttocks.

Be aware of an intersection. Check what all the drivers do at an intersection. Is one driver hasty? Is another driver not getting to stop at the intersection as they should? Many drivers gamble at intersections once they are in a hurry or are late for a gathering. These are those you would like to be wary of.

Check your tyres. you would like to make sure that your wheels and tyres are in fitness. you’ll be fined if your tyre tread is extremely low and therefore the tyres are smooth, as this might be dangerous for you and other drivers.

Whatever you are doing, be safe on the Nepal roads. It could prevent tons of trouble.

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