Location of karmachari sanchay kosh hetauda|sanchay kosh

Location of karmachari sanchay kosh hetauda|sanchay kosh


Location of karmachari sanchay kosh hetauda|sanchay kosh
karmachari sanchay kosh, Hetauda

karmachari sanchay kosh Hetauda is a Branch office of Karmachari sanchay kosh Nepal or Employee provident fund, Nepal. This is a semi-government organization. It is also the first Social security organization of Nepal Established in 1962A.D.

Central Office is located Pulchowk lalitpur, Nepal and other main Working office is in Tri-devi marg(road) Thamel kathmandu.

History of Karmachari sanchay kosh Hetauda

Karmachari Sanchay Kosh Hetauda was established in 2062 B.S. In starting to faze it was organized in Rented building after some time Karmachari sanchay Kosh owned it form Krishi Bikas Bank (Agriculture Development Bank, Nepal).

sanchay kosh hetauda

Working Area(Coverage District)

  • Makwanpur
  • Chitwan
  • Parsa
  • Bara
  • Rautahat

Services Provided By Karmachari Sanchay Kosh Hetauda

Accumulation of funds/सञ्चयकोष कट्टी फाटँवारी सकंलन
Identity card support/परिचयपत्र  समर्थन 
Special loan payment/विशेष सापटी भुक्तानी
After retirement payments/अवकाश पछिको भुक्तानी
Medicine expenses/औषधोपचार सोधभर्ना
Maternity and baby care expenses/सुत्केरी तथा शिशु स्याहार खर्च
Accident compensation/दुर्घटना क्षतिपूर्ति
funeral expenses/काजक्रिया खर्च
House loan/घर सापटी
Educational loan/शैक्षिक सापटी
Other features/अन्य सुविधाहरु

How to reach Karmachari sanchay kosh hetauda from forestry gate?

Karmachari sanchay kosh hetauda is situated in Huprachaur ward no. 4, Near Pashupatinath Temple.

If you re coming from Bara, Parsa, Rautahat or from East side than stop to Forestry gate, and get down from pubic transport.

  • From Forstry gate or from side by Om oil Distributors take right and go around 100-150 meter straight.
  • Now, you will see two ways take left and take right in next turn.
  • Now, you are walking in Bhuwaneshwor marg. Just go straight, don’t confuse in any other chowk. 8-10 mins of walk you will see Sanchay kosh hetauda in your left.(#note:- You will see different chowk and on the way you will find Navodaya sishu sadan, Pashupat chowk after that Sanchay kosh hetauda.

How To reach sanchay kosh hetauda from Hetauda Buspark?

  • From Buspark you can hire Auto riksha or Electric mayuri it will take you around 30-50 rs.
  • Ask him to take you sanchay kosh hetauda near Huprachaur or near Pashupatinath temple.
  • From There you can ask any local person He/She will guide you.

Location and Contact Number

Location of karmachari sanchay kosh hetauda|sanchay kosh
location map from forestry gate to sanchay kosh hetauda

Phone number

Ph:- 057-523364, 524364, 524421, 524377

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