About Nepal-Protected birds/Medicinal Plants of Nepal


The whole country Nepal is a gift of Nature, “Naturally Nepal”. You will not get any artificial things in Nepal. Nepal is full of the gift of God and creatures. 23.23% of Land of this country is covered by National parks, wildlife reserves, Conservations are and hunting reserve. UNESCO has listed two of Natural area as Natural World Heritage Sites. They are Chitwan National park (formally known as Royal Chitwan National park) in 1984 and Sagarmatha National Park in 1979. Nepal possesses 2.80 percent plants, 3.96 percent mammals, 3.72 percent butterflies, and 8.9 percent of birds of the total number of species found globally. Nepal has a record of some 6500 species of flowering plants and ferns for Nepal. Nepal is home ground of 850 species of birds and more than half of these are found in the Kathmandu Valley in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts. The mountainous region also shelters some of the world’s most rare species of fauna. Over 300 species of orchids are found in Nepal, among which 11 species are endemic to Nepal Nepal is also the richest country for birds and is bestowed with 9% of the total birds of the world and including numerous endangered, globally threatened with one endemic species, Spiny Babbler. Himalayan Munal or Danphe, Lophophorus impedance is the national birds of Nepal. By the law of the country, the following nine species are protected birds.

Protected birds of Nepal
1. Chir pheasant (Kalij) Catreus wallichii
2. Impeyan pheasant (Danphe) Lophophorus impejanus
3. Crimson-horned pheasant (Monal) Tragopan satyra
4. White stork (Seto Sarus) Ciconia ciconia
5. Bengal floricans (Khar major) Eupodotis bengalensis
6. Lesser floricans (Sano khar major) Sypheotides indica
7. Sarus crane (Sarus) Grus grus
8. Giant hornbill (Thulo dhanesh) Buceros bicornis
9. Black stork (Kalo sarus) Ciconia nigra
Protected Medicinal Plants of Nepal
1. Dactylorhiza hatagirea Panchaunle
2. Bark of Juglans regia Okhar ko bokra
3. Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora Kutki
4. Nardostachys grandiflora Jatamansi
5. Rauvolfia serpentina Sarpagandha
6. Cinnamomum glaucescens Sugandhakokila
7. Valeriana jatamansi Sugandhawal
8. Lichen spp. Jhyau
9. Abies spectabilis Talispatra
10. Taxus spp. Lauth salla
11. Cordyceps sinensis Yarsagomba
12. Michelia champaca Champ
13. Acacia catechu Khayar
14. Shorea robusta Sal
15. Bombax ceiba Simal
16. Dalbergia latifolia Satisal
17. Pteocarpus marsupium Bijayasal
18. Juglans regia Okhar

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