Shahid Smarak Park, Hetauda-top tourist destination in nepal

shahid smarak park

About Shahid Smarak Park

The Shahid Smarak Park (Martyrs’ Memorial Park) has been constructed to revive the memory of the great martyrs of Nepal, who sacrificed their lives for national security. The park is surrounded by Natural Beauties with incredible Sculptures and many more. This is the Best place for family Picnic. Gathering on Weekend with your family and friends.

Shahid Smarak Park, Hetauda-top tourist destination in nepal
Shahid Smarak Park, Hetauda

Short History

After the historic Jana Andolan 2046 BS, the work of naming and conserving the Martyrs’ Memorial Batika was started to plant trees in this deserted land. The first communist prime minister of Nepal, late. Manmohan Adhikari unveils Martyr’s Memorial.

Shahid Smarak Park, Hetauda-top tourist destination in nepal

Maintenance and taking care

The Hetauda Municipality’s continuous readiness, investment, and support of the District Development Committee to carry out the leadership responsibility of this great action plan to develop the area as a Martyr’s Shrine have resulted in the development of the Martyrs’ Memorial as a national heritage and fund.

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Domestic Tourist

From domestic tourism, the reputation of this region is expanding. Looking at the statistics of the last five years, it is found that an average of more than 300,000 tourists visits here annually and the number of people entering from different regions without paying the entrance fee due to open borders is also significant.

Major Attraction

Martyr’s Memorial Pillar:

To complete the Martyrs’ Memorial, which is a place to remember all the martyrs of different periods in one place, a 6-foot-tall pillar with a circumference of 19 meters. It is supported by the Ministry of Local Development.

Shahid Smarak Park
Memorial Piller

Martyr Gallery:

In this gallery, published books, articles, compositions, photos, etc. about the martyrs will be collected and made available for study and research. The building also has a library room, lobby, study room, office, counter, and seminar hall.

Democratic Park:

The source of inspiration for the historic democratic movement is B.P. Koirala, Pushpalal Shrestha, Ganeshman Singh, and Manmohan Adhikari are in the democratic park with a full-size statue of four warriors.

Thaha Piller

In the memory of Rupa Chandra Bista, the practice of fair activism has been constructed by Hetauda Municipality.

Tourist Information Center:

to develop the district as a major tourist destination, an information center has been constructed with the support of DDC Makwanpur. In which photos of historical, religious, man-made tourist sites in Makwanpur are kept and special information is being dispersed as special information. Soon, it is planned to run a package program for visiting the center.


The zoo, located in an area of ​​about 1 acre north of the monument, currently houses some of the animals and birds including leopard, chital, deer, red deer, peacock, rabbit, crocodile, rodent, black, red monkey, fox, swan, British mouse, some in closed rooms and some in open space. Are kept.

Shahid Smarak Park, Hetauda-top tourist destination in nepal
Leopard in Park

Park with fountain:

The park with an artificial fountain courtesy of Nepal Tobacco Company has added more beauty to the monument.


There are also many things for children to enjoy like chipleti, jeeps, horses, and rotating for adults are now in operation for more healthy recreation of children and it has been given to the private sector.

Devi Temple:

Built with the good manners of local social worker Rajendra Singhal, this Devi Mandir has won the hearts of the pilgrims who come here. This temple area has been developed as the main center for doing good deeds like marriage and fasting.

Wedding mandapa

A wedding Mandapa has been constructed for conducting religious activities and for functions such as marriage and fasting. It has a capacity of more than 100 people. It can also hold small seminars, workshops.

Nursery (Green House):

An attractive garden with a greenhouse has been constructed so that the committee can produce the required plants and sell and distribute them at a simple price. It has also helped in resource mobilization.


Swimming pool:

An attractive swimming pool of 2 to 6 feet depth has been constructed and brought into operation through the Urban and Environmental Improvement Project, especially targeting school children. The committee is expected to be a strong source of income.

Shahid Smarak Park, Hetauda-top tourist destination in nepal
Swimming Pool

Picnic shed:

The Martyrs’ Memorial is also famous as a picnic spot. Especially from Asoj to Baisakh, notable picnic groups have been coming from Nepal as well as Neighboring country India. The committee has statistics of up to 115 groups in one day. Adequate facilities have not been provided due to the lack of picnic sheds. Similarly, a commercial building with 19 seats in the parking area and 4 seats inside the gate has been constructed from internal sources. So far, there are nine picnic sheds.

Madan Smarak (Madan Batika):

A small  Beautiful Peace park.

Memorial park

How to Reach Shahid Smarak Park

It is 4.5 km west of the Main city Hetauda. You can hire Private Auto riksha or Electric mayuri from Hetauda city or Hetauda Buspark. Local Buses going to Manhari will also drop you here.

# Note:- Park is upward towards hills to it will be better you come through own vechicle or hire auto or taxi to reach the top.

Shahid Smarak Park, Hetauda-top tourist destination in nepal
Chital in smarak zoo

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